Why Families Choose
Freedom Christian Academy

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    Ancient Concept of Virtue
    We cultivate rightly ordered affections (the ancient concept of virtue). We realize this sounds strange, or even foreign. Since the time of the early church, Christians have been about training students to love the true, the good, and the beautiful. And, to “rightly order” those loves so that we love first our God, and then our neighbor. This means that we order our affections as God would.
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    We require a parent-teacher partnership.
    Parents are able to part-time homeschool while using teacher prepared lesson plans. At FCA, qualified, experienced teachers prepare all lesson plans- even for the at home, or "satellite" days. This removes the stress and guess work of selecting curriculum, what pace to set and what academic goals should be achieved.
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    Biblical Worldview
    We imprint a biblical framework to understand everything in our world. This is more than adding a bible verse to the curriculum. When every facet of history, science, math, philosophy, art, and other subjects is integrated around the truth of the Christian worldview, students gain a unique and important perspective.
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    Unique Schedule
    Although parents are to follow teacher directed lesson plans, they are free to tailor their instruction to meet their child's unique needs. Teachers are able to provide resources and tips on how to do this. Also, parents can supplement with any enrichment activities or subjects they wish.
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    It allows and promotes family time.
    Unlike traditional schools, where children spend 7-8 hours away from home days a week, FCA students are in class 2 days a week for 5-6 hours. This gives them four full days at home with you plus the early afternoons and evenings. The children who attend FCA do not have homework so once they are done at school, they are free to spend quality time with you.
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    It meets your child's desire for socialization.
    Your child gets to go to school and come home energized from their interaction with students and teachers. While at school you are exposing your children to like minded teachers, fellow parents, and students who share the same core values. The flexible schedule allows for your student to participate in extracurricular sports, story time at the library, music lessons, zoo trips, etc.
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    We are affordable!
    Freedom Christian Academy is 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of other private schools in our area. At FCA, we are cognitive of the fact that this educational model is only successful if one parent is at home with the student on satellite days, leaving 1 parent to provide the income for the entire family. We intentionally look for ways to keep costs low so that families can afford a quality private Christian education for their children.
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    Yearly Calendar
    At Freedom Christian Academy, our academic calendar begins after Labor Day and ends just before Memorial Day. Families enjoy the extended summer weeks and benefit by beating the crowds at typical tourist locations.
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