Schedule of Fees

Processing Fee 
Per Family                                  $100.00

Academic Assessment           
 New Students                              $100.00 per student
                                                            includes 2 assessments the first year
Returning Students                    $50.00 per student
                                                            includes 1 assessment at the end of the year
Enrollment Fee                          
Pre-K                                               $150.00 per student
K -6th                                              $400.00 per student
Annual Tuition
Pre-K                                               $2,750.00
K-6th                                               $3,300.00
Payment Options:

Option 1: One Installment
Paid in full *2% discount when paid in full by August 1st

Option 2: 10 monthly installments
$275.00 per month for 10 months (Pre-K)
$330.00 per month for 10 months (K-6th)